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House Energy Rating

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From 1st January 2010 in Tasmania, all new houses and additions to houses must satisfy a minimum 5 star energy efficiency rating, with an increase to 6 stars in 2011 being planned. In addition, consideration is being given to requiring energy efficiency certification of houses to be included in the package of documentation required when a house is being sold. We use FirstRate5 to do our house energy rating: it is one of the three approved “second generation” software packages which complies with the Australian house energy rating calculation system.

Our approach to house energy rating is to provide a service which maximises the potential benefits from the rating process, such as recommending improvements which will increase the rating and optimising the design to achieve the highest rating for the least cost. In particular, we see house energy rating as an interactive process in which the person doing the rating works with the building designer to achieve the best outcome.

The case study “A seven star extension” is an example of this service.